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Build the model

Build a scale model using recycled materials.
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Scoring Subtext: 
25% of total score
20 to 30 hours
Duration Subtext: 
January 2015
Deadline Subtext: 

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Students build a physical model of a section of their city using recycled materials that has at least one moving part. The model does not need to be an exact building-by-building duplication of the virtual design. Rather, the purpose of the model is to give a three-dimensional, creative representation of an area that best represents the team’s vision of their future city. 

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Identify an appropriate scale for the model.
  • Use the scale consistently throughout the model.
  • Identify and build features that best represent the city design.
  • Apply understanding of energy, work, and power to build a moving part.

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Physical Model Requirements

  1. The model must be built to scale as determined by the team.
  2. The model must be no bigger than 25” (W) x 50” (L) x 20” (H) including all support braces, material hanging below or beyond the tabletop, and any fully extended parts, such as access doors or hinged pullouts.
  3. Vertical-oriented models are not accepted.
  4. The model must contain one or more moving part(s). Any electrical power must be self-contained (e.g., a household battery and a simple circuit.)
  5. Use of electrical floor or wall outlets is not allowed.
  6. No perishable or hazardous (e.g. dry ice) items may be used in building the model.
  7. No live animals may be used in the model.
  8. The total value of the materials used in the model, as well as those used in support of the presentation and special awards, (including color copying/printing, visual aids, costumes, and other demonstration aids) may not exceed $100 and must be reported on the Competition Expense Form.
  9. While individual pieces from previous competition models may be reused, models should be a new representation of a future city and built from the baseboard up.
  10. No audio or sound may be used as part of the model.

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