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Getting Started


In this section you’ll learn how to register your team, learn about team formats, find a mentor, review the program calendar, and see a planning timeline!

2014-2015 Essay Theme

Feeding Future Cities: Select one vegetable and one protein and design a way to grow enough of each within your city limits to feed your citizens.

Students will research and write an essay.

Register Your Team

Registration is open for the 2015-2016 competition. Stay tuned for more information about the theme for next year's challenge! There is a low registration fee of just $25 per organization. This fee covers all of your organization’s teams, anywhere from one to twenty. 

Registered organizations receive:

  • The Educator Handbook
  • SimCity Software
  • Support from your region, such as training sessions, email updates, tip sheets, and maybe even a t-shirt
  • The opportunity to compete in the Regional Competition

Finding a Mentor

Mentors can be engineers, technical professionals, or others who work in the engineering community. The best place to start is within your community of parents or look to local businesses or universities. If you are having trouble finding a mentor your region can help you find a mentor.

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