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STEM Learning Blocks

Help students develop skills and understandings that support their Future City Project and reinforce STEM subject areas.

All activities include:

  • Inquiry-based, Hands-on Learning
  • Key Concepts and Background Information
  • Materials List
  • Suggestions for Enrichment and Differentiation
  • Links to National Education Standards and 21st Century Skills

Each activity is organized to take around one class period. Activities can be used independently or in sequence to create a comprehensive unit.

City Planning

Introduce students to city features and the process of city planning.


SimCity 4

Form planning teams and use SimCity tutorials to teach strategies for city design.


Model Concepts

Help students explore key concepts related to building models: scale and strength of structures.


Model Construction

Introduce students to strategies for constructing models and moving parts.


Related to component: Design the Virtual City

Related to component: Build the model

Or, browse all classroom activities related to a subject. This is great for collaborating with others in your school!
Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Engineering/Technology