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Pennsylvania (Central)
Regional Coordinator: Steve Roman


Welcome to Future City Pennsylvania (Central)!

Thanks to all the teams that have registered for the 2014 Future City Competition.


A Future City field trip is being planned for students to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Operations Center.  More details to follow.  Please respond to this e-mail with which dates and times works best for your school:
Possible Dates: 11/8/13, 11/9/13, 12/6/13, and 12/7/13
Possible Times:  During the school day, After School

Have a mentor? Need a mentor? Please e-mail Kim McKitish kmckitish@nutecgroup.com<mailto:kmckitish@nutecgroup.com> with your current status.  If you do not have a mentor, Kim will help you find one.  We encourage teams to have a mentor selected byOctober 19, 2013.

Teams are encouraged to view “Future City 101 Webinar” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2mZMyNdOv0&feature=youtu.be

Attached it the Future City’s Educators Guide for this year as well as tips for writing an essay.  Research essay resources, webinars, presentation resources, SimCity resources, mentor resources and much more can be found on the Future City website:http://futurecity.org/all-resources

For the 2013–2014 competition, teams can choose to use SimCity 4 or the new SimCity software to design the virtual city. Both. After registering and selecting a version of SimCity, educators shall have received an email with a code to use to download a free version of the software. NOTE: Mac users—SimCity 4 is no longer available on the Mac. If you do not already have a Mac version of SimCity 4, you will need to use the new SimCity software.  If you have not received a code and need one, please e-mail me.

Please submit your RSVP form with school name, teacher name, mentor name, and team names, members and t-shirts sizes prior to December 13! This year, we only need an estimate of guests to ensure we have ample space on competition day. All of this information helps us plan logistics for the competition day.  This year, we are asking for schools to have 3 or less teams.  Teams should be 7 students or less.  Please contact me if you number of teams or team sizes are larger than this and we will try to accommodate the best we can.

NEW! Online Submission Center—upload your Virtual City, Essay, City Narrative and all accompanying forms via the Web site. Submission instructions are available in the Rules and Rubric Section of the Web site at www.futurecity.org/rules-rubric<http://www.futurecity.org/rules-rubric>.

The Future City 2014 RSVP Form is due December 13, 2013.  Honor Statement, Essay Form, City Narrative/Narrative Form, Virtual City Design, & Research Essay Deadline Due January 13, 2014.  Forms can be found in the Program Handbook.  All teams will be submitting their Virtual Cities, Essays, and Narratives via a new online system at www.futurecity.org. See ‘Online Submission Center’ section above.

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