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3D Model

3D Model (70 pts)

The team will build a 3D Model of a section of their city. The 3D Model is a creative representation of a section of the SimCity computer design built to scale. The model does not need to look exactly like the computer design but to show similar features.

The model may be no larger than 25" (W) x 50" (L) x 20" (H). This includes the full open width of any doors on the model, etc. Rotation or flipping the model is permittted. At least one moving part such as transportation, power generation or communications must be included in the model. Other restricts of for the 3-D Model include any power sources must be self-contained, perishable items or animals are not allowed and material costs for the model and presentation may not exceed $100 (cash and in-kind. A strong emphasis is placed on using recycled materials and household recyclable items. See this year's rules for a list of all requirements. See model pictures for ideas.

To watch this year's Tutorial Session #4 Model and Presentation WebEx (November 23, 2015) you can either: 

Click on this streaming recording link: (Updated November 21, 2016) 


Or download the recording link here:


3D Model related documents are included below.