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Texas (Houston)
Regional Coordinator: Dr. Zafar Taqvi


BUILD CITY MODEL - 70 points

DO STAGE of the project

Face-to-Face Judging at the Competition

Engineers, architects, scientists, and city planners all use models to help them communicate their ideas, share their research, and predict the success of their design. Emphasize that the ideas represented in their City Model should be in alignment with their City Essay and reflect what they learned as they designed their virtual city. Students must decide upon an area of their city that will best showcase their solution to this year’s challenge as well as the overall vision that they have for their city. They should think carefully about their city design and the placement of specific structures.

Build Model

The team will build a scale model of a section of the city. The purpose of the model is to give a 3-D view of how one section of the future city would look. Typically, teams spend an average of 40 to 60 hours on building their model.

City Model Requirements

For more information, download the Program Handbook from the Resource section.