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New Mexico
Regional Coordinator: Amy Sun


FAQs about SimCity Software

SimCity Software

This year's Virtual City Model design will be conducted from PC version SimCity 4. No internet connection or cloud platform should be required for this version of the software. This is an option for New Mexico in order to accommodate schools/organizations that may have slow internet connection. Information about how to use the software, please check out the SimCity4 documentation and webinar at http://futurecity.org/all-resources. Note that Virtual City Design does NOT have to be related to physical models or essays.

Q: Can a team use cloud? What is allowed?

A: No, cloud is only available to the Newest version of SimCity.  New Mexico Region will not use Close New SimCity.

Q: Is there a cost associated with software?

A: No.

Q: If the school does not have usable computer for the SimCity, can we help to get the school computers?

A: There are two options.  If your school uses only Mac computers, we encourage you to install a Windows virtual machine such as VMWare.  The National E-Week has been collecting last year’s Mac SimCity 4 software for us.  If you do not a Windows option, please email Amy Sun right away.  The 2nd option would be that the Region can loan you a PC with the software.  Again, please contact Amy Sun if you need a PC on loan.

Q: Can non-registered teams use SimCity software?

A: No. SimCity software is only distributed to teams who are participating in the competition. While no oversight will be conducted, please observe that this product is provided at no cost to each team by its maker for the purpose of building Virtual City Design for Future City Competition.