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Regional Coordinator: Colleen Feller


Important! Future City program changes!

There are a number of changes to the Future City Competition for 2015-2016. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these changes before beginning the program this year!

View a webinar about the FCC programmatic changes.

Future City restructured its framework to incorporate project management principles and the engineering design process. Teams will work through the stages of the engineering design process and apply specific project management methods to help them complete each of the required competition deliverables.

[Refer to pages 4-5 in the Program Handbook for more information about this new framework.]

*Updated! Virtual City: Students design a virtual city using SimCity software and present their city’s progress via a slideshow presentation. Note that teams will not be uploading their actual game file, but rather a PDF slideshow. (54 points)

*Updated! City Description: Students describe the unique attributes of their city and provide their solution to this year’s Waste Not, Want Not challenge. This 1,500 word essay combines the former Research Essay and City Narrative deliverables. (60 points)

 City Model: Students build a physical model of their future city (to scale) using recycled materials. (Note: No change from past years.) (70 points)

 City Presentation: Students give a 7-minute presentation about their city followed by a short Q&A session. (Note: no change from past years.) (70 points)

 *New! Project Plan: Students complete a project plan to help them plan and organize their project. (10 points)


  • Read the 2015-2016 Program Handbook carefully!
  • Don’t assume anything is the same from last year.
  • Take advantage of the new and improved resources available at futurecity.org.
  • Watch the short informational webinar explaining these programmatic changes, available at futurecity.org/resources beginning in late August.
  • Reach out to your Regional Coordinator with any questions.