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New England
Regional Coordinator: Reed Brockman, P.E.

(617) 240-7979


It looks like a big competition this year!  Please try to come early if possible.  The event is based out of the main lobby of the Curry Student Center at Northeastern University (MAP TO CURRY STUDENT CENTER). Drop off students at the main doors of the building. I recommend parking at the Renaissance Park Garage after you drop off the model and students (MAP TO RENAISSANCE PARK GARAGE).  There is a bridge over the MBTA next to the garage that takes you very close to the Curry Student Center.  I think it is $8 for the day.


Volunteers can help as early as 7.  We will be having JUDGE ORIENTATION at 8AM.  We need to begin judging promptly at 9AM.


We will have these SPECIAL AWARDS:

*AECOM  “Most Innovative Infrastructure Design Concept” Award Design that incorporates the best single innovative concept with potential to improve future built and natural environments

BSCES Award for Best Virtual City: Selected based on judges scoring prior to the competition day.

BSCES Award for Best Narrative: Selected based on judges scoring prior to the competition day.

BSCES Award for Best Essay: Selected based on judges scoring prior to the competition day.

BSCES Award for Best Model: Selected based on official rubric scoring on competition day.

*CDM Smith “Best Management of Water Resources” Award: City that best best incorporates:

• Efficient design of water treatment and distribution for human consumption, agriculture, industry, recreation, and fire protection.

• Responsible sewage collection and treatment for environmental protection and community aesthetics.

• Innovative stormwater collection, treatment, reuse and/or discharge back into the environment.

*CH2M Hill Award for “Most Holistic Approach” Award:  City that best incorporates sustainability and an integrated approach to managing resources and infrastructure systems.

*CHA Design/Construction Solutions “Best Building Design” Award: City that best incorporates sound design concepts into its building infrastructure in terms of its sustainability, as well as architectural and engineering design innovation.

*IEEE/Microsoft “Best Integration of Cultural and Community-Focused Concepts” Award: Design that best integrates measures to include and enable the diverse array of its community members.

*NSTAR “Best Energy System” Award: The design that  best addresses the energy needs of the population and its infrastructure, the effective use of resources for that system, plus the control of environmental impacts caused by the system.

*NCEES “Best Land Surveying Practices” Award: The design that employs the best land surveying practices, taking into consideration the high standards used by surveyors to help protect the public’s safety and welfare.

*ASABE “Most Sustainable Food Production System” Award: Design that provides the best sustainable food production system while conserving soil, water and energy.

*New England Bridge Contractors    “Best Moving Parts” Award: City with the best moving elements in terms of creativity, mechanics, aesthetics and effectiveness in conveying important city design concepts.

*Northeastern University         “Best Educational System” Award: City that best incorporates the need for an educated population into its design and infrastructure.

**People’s Choice Award – Chosen by participants.  Each team selects one city and cannot select their own.

*STANTEC “Best Transportation System” Award:  City with the most creative design of its transportation system that allows both mobility and transport of goods and services.

*Tufts University “Best Health System” Award:  City with the most well developed, feasible system to foster healthy lifestyles, control illnesses and treat the medical needs of its population.


*Virtual High School       “Best Communication System” Award: City with the  most innovative and strategically placed communications system that is both efficient and accurate.

All awards with a single asterisk will be judged during special awards rounds.  The judges will visit each team for just 3 minutes and it is the responsibility of the team to convey information to them within that time.  

The double asterisked "People's Choice Award will be judged by the students following the special awards judging.  Each team must keep at least one person by their model as the other team members visit all the other teams.  Each team has a "People's Choice Award" ballot.  Each team will select one city they collectively like best and submit the ballot.

Once the top 3 teams are decided, we will line up and parade all teams into  the McLeod Suites on the 3rd Floor.  We will then announce the top 3, they will get their models and set them up in the front of the room.  As judges deliberate after each presentation, we will give out special awards.

At latest, the event will run until 4pm.