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Regional Coordinator: Brenda Nixon


Louisiana joins FutureCity for 2012-13

This fall, Louisiana’smiddle schoolers will be among those participating in National Engineers Week Foundation’s 2012-13 Future City® Competition.  They are being asked to design a method for handling stormwater runoff.  Students will begin by submitting a research essay describing their solutions for this year’s theme – Rethink Runoff: Design Clean Solutions to Manage Stormwater Pollution.


As students analyze the most damaging effects of extreme weather, they will imagine and design new and creative ways to manage stormwater that make city landscapes act more like natural landscapes. Using SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition software, participating students will work with an educator and volunteer mentor to design a virtual Future City model incorporating their ideas. Then they will build a physical model using recycled materials which can cost no more than $100 to build.


As each team addresses its stormwater runoff solutions, students will consider the safety, cost, efficiency and appearance of their ideas. They will also learn about the engineering disciplines that encompass their solutions, including learning and identifying the steps of the design process.




Regional Coordinator:


Cris Koutsougeras

Computer Science & Industrial Technology

Southeastern Louisiana University




Future City® Competition PR Coordinator:


Sayles & Winnikoff Communications

Jennifer Buglione

212-725-5200 x112