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New York Albany
Regional Coordinator: Diane Bertok


New Lebanon Jr/Sr High School makes the top five at the National Competition!

Future City National just announced that the New Lebanon Jr/Sr High School, our team representing the Capital District Future City Competition, has just made the Top Five at the national competition! That means that the New Lebanon school has beat out all the other teams in the nation for one of the exclusive top five spots!   

The top five teams, including New Lebanon, will make final presentations this morning. Wish our local team good luck! 

Teacher: Ms. Mary Beth Liles 

Presenters: Daniel Truax, Jaden Tompkins, Lydia Loverin, Edward Hunt-Ercolani (alternate) 

Team Members: Aloka Gale, Austin Pryor, Calliroe Barlow, Carlton Truax, Larry Fletcher, Megan Murdock, Zoe Hannah


Team Name: Marhielo