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New Mexico
Regional Coordinator: Amy Sun


Nos Deleitamos wins 2015 New Mexico Future City Competition

Nos Deleitamos is New Mexico's 2015 Future City Competition Winner!  Led by Deer Creek Middle School from Littleton, CO, the team will represent New Mexico region to compete in the National Future City Competition.

23 teams competed in New Mexico Regional Finals on January 24, 2015 at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. 

2nd Place - Tom Kosmo Mas Mazi, Deer Creek Middle School

3rd Place - LYNX, Albuquerque Academy

4th Place - Alpha City, Annunciation School

5th Place - Hydroptics, Annunciation School

People's Choice Award - Pallet Town, Annunciation School

Best Essay - LYNX, Albuquerque Academy

Best Presentation - Nos Deleitamos, Deer Creek Middle School

Best Virtual City - Tom Kosmo Mas Mazi, Deer Creek Middle School

Best Physical Model - Pallet Town, Annunciation School

Renewable Energy Design - Jimmy Carter Middle School

Communication Design - Shadow City, James H. Rodriguez Elementary

Sustainability - AppetiCity, Deer Creek Middle School

Unique Architectural Model - City of Crystal Water, James H. Ridriguez Elementary

Irrigation Infrastructure - Chilitopia, McCurdy Charter School

Natural Resource  Conservation, Crawford, Albuquerque Academy

Social Interaction Design - Chronic Crystal, Taos Middle School

Systems Thinking Approach - New Fortem, PreCollege Math & Science Academy

Best Land Surveying Practicies - Omicron, Albuquerque Academy

Most Sustainable Food Production System - Tom Kosmo Mas Mazi, Deer Creek Middle School

Water Resource Engineering - Springfield, MESA Van Buren Middle School

Energy Efficiency - Sky City, Jimmy Carter Middle School

Creative Use of Recycled Materials - Panopolis, Turquoise Trail Charter School

Innovation - Naudia, Jimmy Carter Middle School

Safety Design - Naviopolis, Turquoise Trail Charter School

Globalization - Epic Empire, Taos Middle School