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New England
Regional Coordinator: Reed Brockman, P.E.

(617) 240-7979


Now is a great time to get registered for Future City!

Some basics:

1. You do not need to know the team members at this point.  Just get started.  Any school or organized after-school group with students K-8.  We will help you get a mentor if you don't have one.  Three students typically give presentations, and three is the maximum allowed to present as well.  Teams, however, can be of any size.  Students younger than Grades 6-8 may be on a team but the presenters must be in Grades 6-8.  We welcome alumni to come back and assist teams once they are 9th grade and above, but they must be hands-off and abide by the same rules that a mentor would.


2. Get the software downloaded and running before the students are back!  We can get the details later!  The software this year can be run offline, knocking down one of the biggest barriers of last year.


3. Register even if you only plan to do portions of the program, or run your own thing at your own schedule.  We are volunteers who get involved because we feel the program brings the students something very special that likely would never be taught anywhere else.  While many programs aim to get kids excited about STEM subjects and challenge students to use their brains, no other program empowers students to see that they really can make the world a better place or brings understanding to the many systems that makes the world work!  Even more, the students meet the people who have taken on the challenges of keeping society running and can see for themselves that these professionals really are not so different from themselves!


4. When you register, while we are as non-profit as a non-profit can get, we never want funds to get in the way of the students gaining this critical experience!  If you don't have funds, click the "BILL ME LATER" option.  As the region's coordinator, I promise that "LATER" is not coming.  If you have the funds, please pay.  We really appreciate the help!  So basically, registration fees are more like a voluntary contribution.


5.  If you have any issues, CONTACT ME RIGHT AWAY!!