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Step 1: Design the Virtual City - SimCity 5 - Slide Show Presentation


***Virtual City:  There have been changes to this deliverable in response to educator feedback.  Changes are all in the new Handbook.

Students design a virtual city using SimCity software and present their city’s progress via a slideshow presentation. Note that teams will not be uploading their actual game file, but rather a PDF slideshow. (48 points)


For the 2017-18 competition, students must submit a slide show presentation that documents their goals and progress.  

Students play SimCity5 (so much fun!) and set goals for improving their city at various stages in the game. Students design a virtual city using SimCity software. They present their city's progress via a slideshow presentation.  This simulated design experience teaches students city planning, helps them see the consequences of their decisions, and gives them a chance to explore various layouts, designs and strategies for their future city.  This deliverable emaphasizes the Engineering Design proecess: set goals and strategies, test your strategies as you play, report out the results, and set new strategies.  

Virtual City Slideshow Due November 17, 2017

 Each teacher can get two licenses for the SimCity software for free after registration.  Each license can be used to build many cities.