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Texas (Houston)
Regional Coordinator: Dr. Zafar Taqvi



Regional Rule: Each school can enter a maximum of 2 teams in the regional competition due to limited space of venue.

Every member of the team plays an important role.


Teams can have from three to 30 students. Consider the following when organizing your team:

  • Official Team -- three students, one educator, and one mentor. Future City welcomes teams that are larger than the three presenting students, however, only the three official students are allowed to present at the Regional and Finals Competitions.

  • Multiple Teams are permitted (2 max.) under the single $25.00 registration fee.

The mentor serves as a valuable team advisor. He or she will:

  • Serve as Team advisor
  • Help students develop skills like project management and systems thinking skills
  • Help students refine ideas
  • Share real-world engineering experience
  • Provide feedback
  • In our resource section, you can find tips for Working With Your Mentor.
  • If you need a mentor, please reach out to our Regional Coordinator, Dr. Zafar Taqvi.

Engineer-volunteers come from:

  • Local engineering firms
  • Engineering Societies
  • School business partners
  • Parents of students who are engineers
  • PTA (Parent/Teacher Association)

Role of the Teacher

The teacher is encouraged to participate in the competition as a facilitator and advisor to the team members. Educators organize the team(s), facilitate the learning process, and guide the students through their project(s). It would be helpful to point out examples of actual problems or successes they are experiencing in their future city through your local newspapers or other news sources.

Role of the Students
The students are the actual creators of their "future city" with the help and advice from their volunteer engineer and teacher. Students generate the ideas, plan their execution, research, write, build, learn, laugh, and present their final product. Students are to demonstrate sportsman-like behavior. Students need allow all team members to provide input. Where there is disagreement, measures should be taken by team members to agree on a compromise. It is through cooperation, that you will create a winning future city entry for the competition.