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Regional Coordinator: Dr. Zafar Taqvi



PLAN STAGE of the Project

Virtual City Design is the 1st Deliverable Upload: December 4, 2016

Design the City: Average hours spent by the team = 18 hours

Students design a Virtual City using SimCity software and present their city’s progress via a slideshow.  (See Handbook page 23–24, 34)

The team will design its city using the latest version of SimCity software. Software resident in the Cloud is used for the virtual city design. Regional coordinator provides software CODES to each school for its usage. Design rules are provided in the Educator Handbook, available at Futurecity.org/Resources. After design work is completed, the team prints out color poster-sized map of their city (optional). This copy is kept by the team and brought to the competition.

Engineers often use simulation tools, like SimCity, to research different designs to determine which solution works best. Remind kids that they aren’t designing their Future City using this tool: its purpose is to see what the possibilities are. Then they will have a better sense of what could work well when it is time to design their Future City.

Teams will:

  • Use SimCity software to design their virtual cities.
  • Name their city after their team. (The city name and the team name must be the same!)
  • Complete the Virtual City Slideshow template (available formats: Powerpoint and Google Slides) and save their final product as a PDF before uploading.
  • DO NOT add any slides to the template.
  • Choose a region in the SimCity software which to design/build their city. (Any SimCity region is allowed.)
  • Record their city's progress at two different points in time by taking screenshots that capture the layout of the city, the population size, and budget details.
  • DO NOT use sandbox mode.
  • Create their cities in offline mode. (Although online mode is allowed, the game should be set to "private" so no other players can make modifications to the city.)
  • Turn off random disasters.
  • Try to build a city without using cheat codes.

Virtual City Resources: 

These resources are all available at futurecity.org/resources (filter for SimCity) unless noted otherwise:

  • How-to retrieve your SimCity codes, specs, and instructions
  • The Virtual City Requirements: (page 24)
  • Sample Virtual City Presentation: See Sample Below.
  • SimCity Benchmark Worksheet: Use this worksheet to record your Virtual City’s details before entering it into the template Below.
  • Virtual City Presentation Template: Enter your screen shots, goals, and strategies directly to the Template Below.
  • Virtual City Rubric: Learn what the judges will be assessing, see page 67 or download at FutureCity.org/resources (filter for Rules & Rubrics).
  • Final competition checklist: Keep this handy so you know exactly what you need to complete (see page 65).