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Rules & Rubric

Rubrics & Rules

Rules & Rubric

  • For SimCity 4 students must use the pre-designed medium region. The pre-designed medium region must be started fresh each year. Teams are not allowed to use a previous year’s Virtual City design as their base city.  For New SimCity students must use the Whitewater Valley Region.  They can build their primary city in any of the areas within the region.

  • SimCity Cheat Codes are not allowed.

  • Users of New SimCity may not buy add-ons or flair from the Origin store to enhance their city or region

Competition Scoring:

Teams can earn up to 60 points for their Virtual City. Make sure students have thoroughly covered all six categories to maximize points.


  • 15 points

    City Plan

  • 15 points

    Basic Services and Requirements

  • 18 points

    Trade Offs

  • 12 points

    City Management

  • 60 total points

Scoring Deductions


5–10 points

Missing the submission deadline for the Virtual City Design (SimCity). Teams using the new SimCity CANNOT view or check on their region and city after the due date. The new SimCity creates a date stamp of when you last entered your region and city. This date stamp will be used by the judges to ensure that your team met the submission date.

15 points

SimCity 4—Be sure to design your city in the pre-designed medium region.

New SimCity—Create your city in the Whitewater Valley region.

20 points

New SimCity only—Placing all or a large majority of polluting industries in an adjacent city in the region.