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For Students & Alum

Future City is your chance to dream about your future. What kind of city do you want to live in, what can be done better in your future city? You and your teammates are in charge of coming up with ideas and making them happen. You’ll have support from your teacher and mentor, but ultimately it is all about your ideas, vision, and work.
I feel like I have gained so much out of this experience, and I know that I will only learn more as this journey continues. I am so glad that I decided to be a part of Future City!” - Sarah, Iowa Student Team Member

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What will I do?

Working as part of a team you will design and build a city of the future. See what other kids have created.

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Tell us where you are now and what part Future City played in your life.


For Students & Alum

Testimonial Author: 
- Sarah, Iowa Student Team Member
How long does Future City take?

Like most team experiences, Future City is a large time commitment. Your team might do some Future City work in class but most of the work is going to happen after school. It will be up to you and your teammates to work together to schedule the times that work best for all of you. Past participants have told us that not everyone can make every meeting and that is okay. But all will need to agree before you start that it isn’t okay for one team member to "always" be too busy to meet. They’ve also recommended that when a team member is scheduling something that can’t be rescheduled, talk to your team about it right away.

What will I do on a Future City Team?

Future City has five different pieces that all need to be completed – designing the SimCity, researching and writing the essaying and city narrative, building the model, and presenting the city to the judges. Most teams work together to come up with the big ideas and direction for their city and then they divide up the work depending on a teammate’s interests and skills. Talk to your teammates, your educator coach, and engineer mentor about what parts of Future City you are most interested in.

Can I work with my friends?

Some teams are built around existing friendships and other teams are made up of kids who might not know each other before the competition starts. Keep an open mind about who is on your team. Once you start working together you might find a new friend or at least someone who is really good at something that your team needs!

What is the competition like?

The competition day is your chance to share all of your work with kids from all over your region as well as with the judges. There will be presentations, prizes, certificates, and maybe even pizza or other snacks. But rather than read about it, you can go to the Gallery and look up competition day presentations. There are lots of photos that show you what it’s like!

How do I join the Future City Alumni Network?

You can join by friending the Future City Facebook page and post a listing on what you are doing now or you can contact Maggie Dressel, Future City Program Manager at mdressel@nspe.org