Forming Your Team

Every member of the team plays an important role:

  • Students generate the ideas, plan the execution, research, write, build, learn, laugh, and present their final product.
  • Educators organize the team(s), facilitate the learning process, and guide the students through their project(s).
  • Mentors serve as team advisors, share their engineering expertise, and help students develop skills like project management and systems thinking skills.

Organizing Your Team

Teams can have from three to 30 students. Consider the following when organizing your team:

  • Official Presenting Team -- three students, one educator, and one mentor
  • Multiple Teams -- you can form multiple teams, but check how many teams you can bring to regionals.
  • Other Team formats--use the structure that works best for you.

See the Handbook for more information about forming teams.

Role of Mentor

The mentor serves as a valuable team advisor. He or she will:

  • Help students refine ideas
  • Share real-world engineering experience
  • Provide feedback

In our resource section, you can find tips for Working With Your Mentor.



The Official Team includes the three student Q&A presenters, one educator, and one mentor. Future City welcomes teams that are larger than the three presenting students, however, only the three official students are allowed to answer the judge's questions. 


An organization is permitted to form multiple teams under one Future City Educator account. If you are interested in this option, check with your Regional Coordinator to see how many teams may participate in the Regional Competition. Note: Only the top scoring team from an organization is allowed to advance to the final round of the Regional Competition. 


Some classrooms or clubs chose to work together as one team, dividing the work into smaller working groups such as a research group or city model group. If you decide to work in this manner, you will need to select three students to serve as the “official presenters” at the Regional Competition.