Regional Coordinator: Xiaoli Wang

Welcome to Future City China! 

Future City China is determined to provide the most engaging project-based learning experience for students in China and to ignite their interest in the field of science, art, engineering, math and technology by applying them to solve a real-life issue. We also appreciate that designing future city is a challenging collaboration project and it’s a lot of fun! 

Group 1


 • Competition Date: Saturday December 12, 2015 (Beijing) 

 • Venue: China Science and Technology Museum (中国科技馆)

 • The Topic: Waste Not, Want Not Challenge 

 • The Challenge: design an innovative city which exists 100 years later with advanced solid waste management system. 


Congratulations on the top two teams who are going to attend the Future City U.S Finals in Feburary 2016! 

First Place: Super City team from Chengdu Jiaxiang International School. 

Second Place: Shunyi Tiger team from Western Academy of Beijing, and two other schools in Beijing.  


International Teenage Competition and Communication Center (ITCCC) 青少年国际竞赛与交流中心 is the national organizer for Future City Competition in China. It's an educational institution guided by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE ), which is an specialized governmental organization for conducting international educational exchanges and cooperation.  ITCCC has built up close cooperative relationship with educational institutions from more than 30 countries such as the U.S, Britain and France. It develops and promotes international innovative educational products with global competitiveness, propelling Chinese schools and education institutions into the rank of world first-class level of education.