Competition Day

****NOT APPLICABLE TO 2020-2021 SEASON****

Date: January 18th, 2020

Rutgers University, Livingston Campus Student Center
84 Joyce Kilmer Avenue
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Click here for directions and campus center information.

There are two registration sessions - 8:00 am and 8:30 am (Please see the "Registration Times" for more information).  The competition is scheduled to end by 6:00 pm.


Please use this link to register vehicles prior to January 18th: 


You will then be permitted to park in the following parking lots: Lots 105, Green & Yellow Lots.



Who can attend the competition?

Students: For each team participating in the Regional Competition, only the three students who are presenting may attend.  National Rules do not allow student alternates to participate in the regional competition unless they are replacing a team member who was unable to attend.  In the event that a team member will be replaced by an alternate on the competition day, the Region Coordinator, Judging Coordinator, and Competition Day Coordinator must be informed by email of the substitution at least one week in advance.  No student substitutions will be allowed without prior notice.

Students that are not presenting may not attend the competition.

Family Members: Due to space limitations at the Livingston Student Center, we cannot accommodate the parents and family members of every student, so we ask that teachers and parents work together to limit the number of guests for each team.  Parents are only allowed in the competition room when their child is presenting and they must remain quiet at all times so they do not interfere with the judging process.  If any parent interferes with the judging process, points will be deducted from their child's team.

Teachers & Engineering Mentors: For each school participating in the Regional Competition, one teacher and one engineering mentor may attend.  If your school has more than one teacher or mentor, please contact the Competition Day Coordinator.

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When should we arrive?

Arrival times are in two groups and based upon approximate travel time to the competition site.  Please see the Registration Times page for more details.  Only teachers may register teams.  Anyone else attending the competition can wait in the food court area until their team has been registered.

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Where do we drop off the models?

The Livingston Campus Student Center has a drop-off area in the front of the building.  Please use this area to drop off city models.  There will be tables set up inside the building to temporarily store models while teachers check in their teams.

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Where can we park?

The Green, Yellow and Lot 105 have been assigned for our use on competition day. A permit will be required for all lots!  Please park in these lots only and NOT in any metered space.  Those who choose to park elsewhere may be ticketed and fined for parking without a permit.

Please use this link to register vehicles prior to January 18th:

Click here for the Livingston Campus map.

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What paperwork are we required to bring?

The model expenses and other paperwork is required to be submitted via CMS or a Google form prior to competition day. You may contact the Competition Day Coordinator for information about the required paperwork. Teams that do not have all their paperwork completed and signed will not be allowed to complete the registration process and participate in the competition day activities, including judging.  

The paperwork that must be submitted prior to competition day includes the following:

  • Media Waiver Form(s) - Make sure that you have your media waiver forms for each student, teacher, and mentor.  A student may not compete without this form filled out, signed, and submitted.
  • Competition Expenses Form and Receipts for purchases by the team. 
  • Honor Statement for each team.

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What is the dress code?

It is expected that students will dress professionally or in costume for their presentations. Clothing that is offensive will result in team disqualification.

Cell phones, iPods, music players, expensive jewelry, etc. should NOT be brought to the competition. Every year, students lose these expensive objects.

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What kind of food is available?

The food court will NOT be open for general business on the day of the competition because the campus is closed during this time of year.  Continental breakfast (muffins, juice, and danishes) and boxed lunches will only be provided for student participants (3 per team), teachers (1 per school), and mentors (1 per school).  Vegetarian lunches will be available.

There may be a limited supply of boxed lunches for sale, but there is no guarantee of availability.  The cost is $15.00 per lunch when extras are purchased on competition day. Lunch includes a sandwich, drink, whole fruit, potato chips, and a cookie.  If any schools would like to pre-order additional lunches, please contact the Competition Day Coordinator. Pre-order additional lunches cost $10.00 per lunch.

***BAKE SALE!!***
There will be a bake sale running throughout the entire competition day.  A variety of baked goods, chips, soda, water and other snacks will be available for cash purchase. The funds raised at the bake sale will be used to purchase materials for engineering activities at the Future City Competition for the following year and Engineers Week. Credit cards will be accepted this year for the Bake Sale, as well as merchandise purchases. Merchandise purchases, such as T-shirts, notebooks, and water bottles, will be available at the registration desk.

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The competition room has three points of access, the one closest to the food court is for volunteers and judges only.  Students, parents, teachers, and mentors should use the two access points at the other side of the building (walking away from the food court and following the hallway to the left).

We will be having the top three teams re-present in the judging hall in front of the students, teachers, and parents. The three final presentations will be judged and will help to determine the overall finish of the top three teams.  If your team is not in the finals, please do your best to maintain a quiet, orderly area around your students as the three final teams make their presentations.

The Future City New Jersey Competition t-shirt is provided for the three presenting students on each competing team.  Additional t-shirts will be available for purchase at $10 per shirt, please visit the registration desk after 11:00 am for more information.  If any schools would like to pre-order additional shirts, please contact the Competition Day Coordinator.

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About the Competition

The New Jersey Future City Competition is a non-profit group run by volunteers.  The solicitation of grants and donations makes it possible to organize this competition.  This includes the rental of the facility, providing lunches and t-shirts for competing students, and prizes and STEM grants for students and teachers.  If you are interested in making a donation to support future competitions, please visit the registration desk for more information on the competition day or please email the Regional Coordinator.

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