For Educators

Hands-On Activities

  •  Set up a whiteboard with prospective students, to create a list of ideas on how they could make a city of the future better.
  • Make a mechanical arm out of junk, that must pick up a cup with no hands allowed closer than 30 inches.
  • Make food webs with a ball of yarn, thrown to people representing different elements in the environment.
  • Use an energy stick/energy ball with a group to illustrate conductivity, circuits, etc.
  • Hook a TV up to a handheld microscope.
  • Large card stock of optical illusions.
  • Use bright colored material and Skittles/M&M’s to illustrate camouflage and they have so many seconds to pick them up. It clearly shows those that are camouflaged are fewer than those that stand out.
  • Use SimCity game to create a specific mission, which they can play for one hour.
  • Chose a specific piece of infrastructure that needs improvement, preferably one that the students know well, and have the students come up with an instant design. Use tubs of arts and crafts supplies and prints of Google map of the area. The students build their ideas on the map, plus write out their ideas on separate 11 x 17 paper.
  • Use PowerPoint for an activity.
  • Use some recycled materials that student would pick up and choose a scale to see the scaled size; then think of what building that could be.
  • Have someone dress up like a “mad scientist” who does science experiments (volcano overflow, play with non-newtonian fluids, potato to make light bulb light up, etc.)
  • Hands-on play for kids to enjoy in between speeches at regional competition(balsam airplane gliders, remote controlled helicopters, “Let’s Explore Cubism”, “Treetop Constructive Building Set”, “Active Play Monkey Balance Board”.
  • Team building from the resources pages on the website.
  • Use a box of random recycled materials and have them work on planning and constructing structures; considering things like scale, zoning, and building use.
  • LED flashlights, Nanobug Labryinth, and Root Cause Analysis.
  • Spin the wheel to answer a Future City question and win a prize. 

Educator's Webinar Workshop

Teachers and Educators! Be sure to check out this year's Educators Webinar video for lots of helpful tips on how you can help your students get the most out of this great experience!

Check out the video here!

UD: 9/12/19