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Welcome to the 2020-2021 Future City Competition! Below you will find the resources needed for judging this year. There are many updates to the competition for 2021.There is a highlight of the changes below under "Competition Day Information". There is a summary, prepared by National, of the updates here:

We will update this page as Live Q&A (February 13, 2021) and Awards Ceremony (February 27, 2021) get closer. If at any time you have questions, please contact your Judge Coordinators (Amanda Joy and Heather Wyld) at

This year the competition will be held using Zoom! We will hold tutorials prior to the Live Q&A Session and Finals Judging to give an overview of how to use Zoom and prepare judges for these virtual events.

To sign up to be a Judge for 2020-2021:

Create a CMS (Competition Management Software) account or log in to your account from previous years using the link below. 

Select the role(s) you would like to serve this year. Descriptions of these roles can be found in the 2020-2021 Future City Judge Role Descriptions link under General Resources

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2020-2021 Competition Theme (Living on the Moon)

Judge Manual (2019-2020...this year's will be updated when available)

Competition Day Information

2020-2021 Changes

  • Everything will be virtual this year. All deliverables will be posted to CMS or a shared location and scoring will be completed on CMS. 
  • There is no SimCity deliverable this year. 
  • Instead of presenting and displaying a model on Competition Day, teams will provide a recorded presentation and a slideshow on their model. The model and presentation will be judged separately and each judge will complete their own scoring sheet through CMS. 
  • A new segment of the competition will be Live Q & A. This will consist of playing a team's recorded presentation followed by a 10 minute live Q&A session between judges and 3 students. This Live Q&A session will be scored separately from the model and presentation, immediately following the Q&A; each judge will submit their own scoring sheet through CMS. 
  • After the preliminary round of judging is completed, the top three teams will proceed to finals judging. Finals judging will take place between the Live Q&A and Awards ceremony. Finals judges will score the teams' recorded presentation and participate in a round of Live Q&A. 
  • The Awards Ceremony will be held on February 27th where 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and special awards will be announced. 
  • Special awards will be determined based on recorded presentations, model slideshows, and judges will have the opportunity to ask questions related to special awards for 2 minutes following the preliminary Live Q&A sessions. Teams will be divided into award categories as we have in the past. 
  • Here is a PDF summarizing broad changes to the competition:

Judging Tutorials

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Tutorials will be provided for Model, Presentation, Q&A, and using Zoom.