Lauren Blas

As a practicing engineer Lauren designs energy efficient buildings! 

Lauren was first introduced to engineering, architecture, and sustainability as a middle school student participating in Future City. She still remembers the functional solar panel on her city model, and the complex transport method she and her teammates designed that did not rely on fossil fuels.  This introduction led her to study Mechanical Engineering at SUNY Buffalo, and eventually earn her MBA. She currently designs buildings using LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), concepts that she first learned at Future City. She has also recently earned her PE license!

She gives back to the Future City in many ways. She supports the Western NY steering committee, she regularly serves as a judge at the annual regional competition, and she and her colleagues have spoken to teams about real life sustainable design projects. Lauren continues to inspire the next generation of engineers.

SUNY Buffalo, Mechanical Engineering, MBA

Engineer at CannonDesign