Do Stage: Advice and Tips

Lead Periodic Team Discussions

In addition to your team's regular check-in sessions, it's helpful to also take some time to discuss the whole project, ask:

  • How is the project work coming along? What is going well? What are you worried about?
  • Is there key information that the team needs to discuss as a group?
  • How well is the team working together? What things can we do to help members support each other and keep up our team spirit?

Time Management

Keep your deadlines, schedules, and rubrics handy as you work toward completing each of the deliverables. Check in with one another to make sure that each team member is staying on track. Make a plan for how you will deal with unexpected problems. Falling behind with one task can have a ripple effect and lead to delays with other areas of your project. Follow your plan, but don't be afraid to change it, if it isn't realistic. 

Team Building

Team building now is just as important as it was at the beginning. Being able to discuss team issues is one of the most important skills in developing a positive team environment. Each time a project encounters a change, the team may need some support. Check out the Team Building Activities in the Resource section (filter for Activities and Background Info). 


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