Do Stage: How It Works

Conducting Check-Ins

As you create your Future City deliverables, you'll use the Project Plan to conduct frequent "check-in" sessions to ensure your project stays on track and meets your goals. 

Check-in sessions are quick meetings where team members discuss how the project is going. Check-ins should occur often enough so that no single part of the project can get significantly off track. Here are some things to think about as your team conducts the sessions and fills out the check-in form:

Question 1: What have you completed recently?

Start the sessions with a quick review of the completed tasks. Ask:

  • Are others waiting for something to be completed so they can start another task?
  • What accomplishments can you celebrate?

Question 2: What are you working on now?

As team members share, ask:

  • What's going well?
  • Do any team members need help?
  • What resources do they need to complete their task?

Question 3: When do you think the current task will be done?

As students estimate the time they need to complete the task, ask:

  • Have there been any setbacks that will keep you from meeting your milestones or deliverables/
  • If so, what steps need to be taken to get back on track?
  • Do we need to review the schedule and make any adjustments?

Question 4: What do you need to keep your work on track with good quality?

As student discuss this, ask:

  • Are there any resources the team needs in order to stay on schedule or to maintain good quality/
  • Who can give us feedback on our deliverables?

Remember it's okay to revise the Project Plan ... it fact, it's expected. As you check-in with the team, you may need to make changes to the schedule, goals, team roles, and resources. This is all part of the project management process.

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