Plan Stage: Advice and Tips

Moving Between Stages

Like all good processes, you may find yourself moving back and forth from one stage to the next. For instances, even though your team is moving into the Plan Stage, you may find that you must review the goals, assumptions, and constraints discussed during the Define Stage and make changes. This is a natural part of the process--it's okay to redefine and revise parts of your Project Plan as you go.

Managing Time

Creating a schedule and planning how to execute all of the project deliverables can take more time than you anticipate. You can also expect to spend time reviewing and revising your schedule. The time you invest is worth it--well-planned projects will go more smoothly and save time in the long run.

Team-Building Boosters

Creating a schedule can be challenging. Ensuring that tasks and activities are distributed evenly and appropriately can cause frustration among even the closest of groups. Check out some of the Team Building Activities in the Resources section. 


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