Review Stage: How It works

Your project is complete--now it's time to reflect on what you learned and celebrate your accomplishments. 

Reflect on Your Project

Reflecting on your project allows you to evaluate both the process and the products of your project. Looking at "what worked" and "how you might do things differently" will make your next project easier.

Think About It

  • Consider your original project goals. Were they fully met? Are there any goals you would have added, knowing what you now know?
  • Consider your final deliverables. Are you happy with the quality of the work? Are there parts of it that you are more satisfied with than other parts? What could you have done differently that would have led to better results?
  • Consider your schedule and process. Did you meet your deadlines? If not, what were the challenges to keeping on schedule? What could you do differently next time to avoid those challenges?
  • Consider your team. How satisfied were you with how well the team worked together and your own work as a team member? What could have been done differently that might have changed the team process? What do you know about being part of team that you didn't know before?


  • Answering the Project Plan reflection questions is a great way to prepare for judges' questions during the competition.
  • As you answer the questions, record your thoughts individually and then share them with your group. Doing it this way will ensure that every voice is heard. 

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