Lydia McGee

Two time Alabama regional winner, in 2006, and 2007.

Lydia always considered herself to be the athlete of the family -- until, that is, she participated in Future City. In Lydia’s words, “Future City molded me in a way that sports could not. I learned the importance of stretching boundaries and reaching beyond the status quo to strive for things that once seemed unachievable.” Future City gave Lydia confidence in her intellectual abilities, and began her love affair with learning. She became a true athlete scholar excelling on the basketball court and in the classroom.

Lydia earned a full scholarship to study and play basketball at Samford  University in Alabama. She continues to study a scientific  field, majoring in Health Science in the Department of Kinesiology. She holds active leadership roles on campus. And she wants to tell current Future City students, “Soak up the time you have at Future City.  Enjoy every minute.  Learn every life lesson possible.  These are the moments that will shape you into who you will be one day.  Don't allow frustration, failure, or even success limit your motivation to achieve the unthinkable.”

Samford University, Alabama

Regional Winner