2015 National Champs Enjoy Space Camp


Linda J. Gerhardt, the Engineer Mentor for the St. John Lutheran Future City team, shared a recap of the team’s experience at Space Camp. Check it out!


The St. John Lutheran team from Michigan is back from Space Camp and recovering from our “out of this world” experience!


The team was recognized during an opening assembly at Space Camp. Leah Schroeder, the team’s “Bioenergy Engineer” said, “At the assembly, we were recognized for being part of the Future City Team, and then we got to meet many teachers from across the country and around the world. We even got to have our photo taken with a four-time shuttle astronaut, Dr. Don Thomas!”


During the week, we traveled to the Bentley Systems offices in Huntsville for a celebratory luncheon. Bentley Systems, Inc. sponsors the Grand Prize at National Finals and has supported Future City for many years. The team got a behind-the-scenes look at Bentley’s infrastructure software.


Emily Abramczyk, the team’s “Agricultural Engineer” said, “My favorite part of being at Space Camp was taking part in the astronaut trainer simulators.  One the simulators was the one-sixth gravity chair, which simulates what it is like to walk around on the moon.  Space Camp was so cool!”


Abby Dayton, the team’s “Master Chef” said, “I loved being the pilot of the Endeavor space shuttle mission, and I didn’t mind the stress and pressure of the job! My experience at Space Camp was awesome and I would love to go back again in the future. Future City gives students an opportunity to set a goal, to work hard to achieve that goal, and to shoot for the stars!”


Everyone had a great time during the exciting, but exhausting, week! It was amazing to meet several astronauts and many, many engineers and scientists who very involved with the space program – both past and present. 



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