What We Did at the White House Yesterday by Sydney Lin, Isha Shah, and Krishna Patel

Who knew engineering could take you to so many places?

We were so excited when we won the regional Future City Competition in our home state of Nevada. It meant we won a trip to Washington DC from DiscoverE to compete in the National Finals with other students from around the country!

We didn’t win at Finals but we were lucky to be selected to go to the Annual White House Science Fair. Today we were back in Washington to share our ideas about future cities with the President, national leaders, and reporters at the White House. 

It felt amazing to represent Future City at the Science Fair! We absolutely love this program and it is a huge honor to showcase all of our hard work and dedication from the past year to other students and to important people in government.

We met Bill Nye and told him about our city Kilau, a sustainable city of the future. Kilau is a city based on solving problems in Jakarta, Indonesia, where garbage accumulates on the streets due to a lack of sufficient disposal systems. We wanted to show everyone that there are problems around the world that engineering solutions can potentially solve.

President Obama said “Our youngest innovators can change the world, and we are counting on you to help build a brighter future for everyone.” It inspired us to continue to work on our science and engineering skills so we can make a difference in the world someday.

We met so many students today who have amazing ideas for solving different problems with science, technology, engineering and math. It was great to see all of the projects displayed at the Science Fair, and to see adults listening to what we created. We spoke with Ernest Moniz who is the Secretary of Energy and told him about our ideas for a sustainable city of the future. It was cool showing him our project and he enjoyed seeing it too!

Even though we represented Future City at the White House Science Fair today, we know all students involved in the Future City program have great ideas, and we hope we were good representatives for all of them. We want to encourage all students to think about the future, and how engineering can make it better. We also hope our journey shows them you never know where engineering can take you!

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