Regional Coordinators

  • What do coordinators get out of Future City?

  • What do coordinators get out of Future City?

  • What do coordinators get out of Future City?

Why participate?

The local committees are the backbone of Future City. Committees handle volunteer recruitment, school support, administration and finance, publicity, awards, and logistics. Choose to help out with the tasks that interest you and fit into your busy schedule. Technical and non-technical volunteers welcome!

Who participates in Future City?

The Future City program reaches many different communities, and has a considerable impact. Read more about the Community & Impact

Who else supports Future City?

Our various volunteer groups are invaluable! But we couldn’t do it without our National Sponsors.


Getting Started

What is the time commitment for regional committee members?

The time commitment is highly variable, and based upon the tasks which interest you. Most committees meet virtually or in-person at least once a month to discuss plans, and then each committee member works independently on their own tasks.

Who typically volunteers?

Engineers, architects, local business leaders, parents, educators, Future City alumni, etc.

Can I volunteer from home?

Yes! Regions are quite large and need volunteers who can work independently between meetings. Email your Regional Coordinator for more information.

Making It Happen

I’m interested in joining the committee, how should I proceed?

Contact your local Regional Coordinator. Be sure to share your strengths and interests, and your time availability. Meet the rest of the committee at the next committee meeting.

My company would like to financially support the committee or the program.

Thank you! We couldn’t sustain this program without financial support from industry. In order to support the program in your specific region, please contact the Regional Coordinator. There are many sponsorship opportunities. Read more about national sponsors.

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