Washington (Inland Northwest) Sub-Region

Regional Coordinator: Jon Lobdell


Future City Competition for the Washington (Inland Northwest) area is held every January at Washington State University (WSU). A group of volunteer judges and organizers work together to host a memorable Future City sub-region competition and an engineering day at WSU.

Middle schools located on east side of the Cascade Range in WA, and in other states like Idaho and Montana are welcome to register for this annual competition held at WSU Pullman campus early January. 

About the Washington Inland NW Subregion Competition

Future City Competition is a national program sponsored by the engineering community to promote technological literacy and engineering to middle school students. The program fosters an interest in math, science, and engineering through hands-on, real-world applications. Every year, students from the Inland-Northwest area bring their city models to WSU-Pullman campus to be judged by a panel of judges from industry, education, and academia. 

At WSU, in addition to the competition, we hold other STEM-related activities during the day to attract young students to STEM-related fields. The picture below shows the students using google cameras during their spare time in between judging periods.

We also hold organized tours of different STEM-related labs on the WSU campus to expose the young students to different fields of engineering. In 2016, Pullman high school robotics team and volunteers from civil & environmental engineering, school of design & construction and mechanical engineering participated in the tours.