Regional Coordinator: Karen Pavletich

Competition Day


Shoreline Community College (9000 PUB Building)

9114 16101 Greenwood Ave. N. Shoreline, WA

 Regional Competition Day

The Washington State Future City Regional Competition will be held on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at Shoreline Community College in the PUB Building. Please see a link to the campus map here (TBD)

We will be ready with judges, prizes, medals, certificates and T-shirts. The first place winning team will receive a trip to compete at the National Future City Competition in Washington DC during National Engineers Week in February (if we get 20 registered schools for the Competition). Prizes will also be awarded to each second and third place student team member.

We will have a preliminary competition in the morning and the final "Regional Competition" in the afternoon. We will be allowing each registered school to have up to five teams participate in the morning preliminary competition. The judges will then narrow the field down to 5 finalist teams that will advance to the afternoon final competition. Only one team from any registered school can advance to the afternoon final competition, however. 

Team Registration for Competition Day

You will need to submit a Registration Form for the team(s) that you will be bringing to the competition. Please complete the form and return it to Karen Pavletich by Friday, January 10, 2020. We need to know the names and correct spelling of all of the team members by that date so that we will have time to make final preparations (name tags, certificates and the program). The best thing would be to e-mail the form to Karen at karen.pavletich@washingtonfuturecity.org. Each school may bring up to 5 teams for the morning preliminary competition

You may substitute team members, if necessary, after you submit your form and before the day of the competition. The competition day program will be printed based on the names that you submitted on the form. On the morning of the competition, you will be asked for the name of one alternate member for your team. This alternate can be utilized if one of the original three presenters cannot compete due to illness or family emergency.


Make sure you bring all members of your team for the competition (1 teacher, 3 students and 1 engineering mentor). If a member of your team can't make it, come and compete anyway. There name will still be on the official team list.

Bring your model (with 4"x6" model ID card), copy of your essay/narrative and your city model expense form. There are penalty points associated with not meeting the requirements for the model ID card, model size and model expense form. Read the instructions in your handbook carefully so you will be sure to meet the requirements and not be penalized. Make sure your model is LESS THAN the maximum dimensions. Being even 1/4" over the maximum dimensions will count as a penalty. Make sure your model expenses do not exceed $100.

Please bring your own easel if you need one for your presentation. We will have one available for the final rounds but we don't have enough for all teams in the morning. Bring some tools to repair your model if it gets damaged.


There are no restriction on parking on the Shoreline Community College Campus. 


7:30 - Registration will open.

8:00 - Welcome and announcements.

8:30 - 11:40 Preliminary Judging where all teams will be stationed in one large room.  Each team will have an opportunity to make their presentation twice during the morning preliminary competition.  Please look in your registration envelope to find your teams presentation times  

There will be up to 5 teams presenting in the single large room at one time, to their own group of judges.  Once the presentation starts, observers are asked not to talk.  Doors will also be shut during presentation time. If you need to relax, practice your presentation or visit with the other teams feel free to use the Café or lounge area.  There will be one time keeper for the entire room.   

11:40 - 12:30  Lunch will be on your own.  You are requested to pack a lunch or – if you have transportation options – there are quick restaurants /fast-food options nearby. We will be serving a celebration cake for the last half hour of lunch at the registration station.  

Important Note: We will need all participants to exit the lunch room and remove their personal belongings (models can stay) because we will be moving the tables to the back of the room, and set up chairs in an auditorium-style set-up for the final presentations.    

12:30-1:15  We will return to the presentation room to hear a short presentation.  Then the five finalist teams will be announced.  The teams will draw for their final presentation order.  We will also  announce the winners of the Special Awards and Student Choice Awards.   While finalists are lining up their models for the afternoon presentations, each individual team will be recognized and team pictures will be taken.

1:30-1:45  Regional Awards  will be announced before the final presentations begin.

1:45-3:30  Final Presentation Judging will take place.

3:30-4:00 Final Scoring/Short Program. Raffle drawing.

4:00 Final Awards Presentation 


Brown bag lunches are encouraged. Otherwise, there are a few restaurants in the general area and an onsite cafeteria. 

Travel from Eastern Washington

This is our biggest concern. Be careful if you are coming over the pass from Eastern Washington on Saturday morning. Give yourselves plenty of time. Dial 1-800-695-7623 for up-to-date information or go to http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/passes. Unfortunately we do not have any contingency for the Regional Competition in the event of restricted travel on the pass due to weather. We must forward the names of the Regional Competition winners to the National Finals coordinator by the end of the day on Saturday. Please let Karen Pavletich know if you will be driving over from Eastern Washington in the morning. We will do our best to try and schedule your preliminary judging as late as possible in case there is a delay.

If possible, make arrangements to travel to Seattle with your team(s) on Friday. Be sure and plan early if you need to make arrangements for a school bus, authorization, permission slips, etc.