Regional Coordinator: Karen Pavletich

Competition Guidelines

  • Teams representing the school at the regional competition will consist of three students (must be from the same school), an engineer-mentor, and a teacher sponsor.
  • Each registered school may bring up to 5 teams to the morning preliminary competition on competition day.
  • The students, with the help of the engineer-mentor and teacher sponsor, will design the logical model of the city using SimCity.
  • The team will construct a scale model of the city section using recycled materials (plastic jugs, glass jars, aluminum cans, tubing, etc.) in their designs. The model must be no larger than 25"(w) x 50"(l) x 20"(h).
  • Visual aids (flip charts, foam boards, poster boards, etc.) must not exceed the following size limits:
  • One visual aid displayed at a time can be up to 60"(w) x 36"(h)
  • Two visual aids displayed concurrently can each be up to 30"(w) x 36"(h).
  • The model must contain at least one moving part. Power sources must be self-contained (no external powerplugs).
  • The students will write a city description (1500 word maximum) explaining their solution to a specific engineering or design challenge.
  • The students will explain the unique design features of their city design during team verbal presentation.
  • The total cost of all materials used to make the model and any materials used in support of the verbal presentation may not exceed $100 (cash or in-kind). No laptop computers of videos can be used for the presentation.

For more specific information, please see pages 51-52 (Rules) of the Future City Competition Educator Handbook.

School Organization - Multiple Teams

Each school is encouraged to involve as many of their 6th, 7th and/or 8th grade students as possible. For example, an entire 6th, 7th or 8th grade classroom of students may work as a group to complete one set of the project deliverables (SimCity presentation, essay, physical model, oral presentation). Alternatively, small groups of students may take on several sets of the project deliverables. There is a section on page 9 of the Educator Handbook called "Organizing Your Students" that has a good explanation of various ways to involve your students.


If your school is working on several projects, make sure all the deliverables are submitted by the appropriate deadlines so that they get scored by the judges.


Each registered school may bring up to 5 teams to the morning preliminary competition on competition day. If your school starts out with more than 5 teams, you may have an intermural competition to decide which teams you are actually going to bring.


If you have specific questions regarding how to work with multiple teams or involve your entire class, contact your Regional Coordinator.