Texas (Houston)

Regional Coordinator: Moiz Husain, houstonfccoordinator@gmail.com


Building a city of the future is an exciting and complex project. To successfully lead your team through the competition, you've got two powerful tools:

  • The Engineering Design Process--helps you design and build your solution to the Future City challenge.
  • The Project Management Cycle--keeps your project on track.

Click On Leading Your Team for more guidance on the engineering design and project management cycle.

Project Plan [10 points]

Teams complete a Project Plan to help them plan and organize their work. They use it throughout the project.

City Description/Essay/Narrative 58 points]

Teams describe the unique attributes of their city and their solution to this year’s challenge: Design a lunar city and provide examples of how your city uses two Moon resources to keep your residents safe and healthy. (1,500 words maximum).

City Model [65 points]

Teams build a physical model of their city (in one piece or multiple segments) using recycled materials. Teams then present their work to judges in a slideshow document, using photos of the model to showcase specific aspects of their future city and the team’s solution to this year’s challenge. It also needs to include at least one moving part, demonstrated via video. See model requirements in the handbook. 

City Presentation [50 points]

Each student team gives a timed presentation of their city to a panel of judges during the Regional Competition. Teams record a 7-minute presentation about their future city and their solution to the challenge. The short video highlights the futuristic innovations in the city and gives each team a chance to bring their city to life.

City Q&A [25 points]

Teams have a 10-minute question-and-answer period, conducted virtually, with a panel of judges from the engineering, city, and technical communities.



Each qualifying region sends one team to the national competition. For More Information, Contact the Regional Coordinator.


Due to Covid, finals will be virtual. For More Information, Contact the Regional Coordinator.