Texas (Houston)

Regional Coordinator: Moiz Husain, houstonfccoordinator@gmail.com

Educational Promise


  1. Work as a team under the guidance of a teacher and a practicing engineer.
  2. Apply their knowledge to real world situations.
  3. See firsthand how engineers turn ideas into reality.
  4. Build a scale model of a city section.
  5. Learn how engineers design a system of public spaces in their city by research and writing an essay.
  6. Learn Project Management Techniques

Educational Promise:

The Future City Competition is delivering on its educational promise.

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Teamwork and Project Planning (Time Management)
  3. Writing and Research
  4. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  5. Practical Math and Science Applications
  6. Computer Skills

The competition employs a team-based approach. All members of the team have a role that is necessary for the completion of the project. Students discover engineering and how their communities work. Their confidence soars as Future City teaches them they could create something on their own.