Regional Coordinator: Lynn Olson, P.E.

Idaho Regional Special Awards

Thanks to the special award sponsors for the 2016-2017 Idaho Regional Competition.  Teachers and parents express how much they appreciate the special awards at the competition since they give students additional opportunities to win recognition even if they are not one of the top 5 teams at the regional competition.

Here is how the Special Awards work:
If a firm, professional society, or other organization makes a donation to the Idaho Future City Competition at the $300 or higher level, they get to sponsor a special award.  The sponsors let us know the name and the criteria for the award as well as provide judges to evaluate the models and interview the students.  A representative from the sponsor will present the award at the awards ceremony. 

Contact Lauren Volpei ( if you are interested in sponsoring a special award.  Additional examples can be viewed at where you can check out the special awards for the national competition.

The following firms/organizations sponsored special awards at the 13th Idaho Regional Competition:

January 21, 2017 Idaho Regional Competition Special Awards


Most Sustainable Use of Existing Resources

Criteria:  Best use of existing resources in creating a sustainable City.
Sponsor:  Boise State University, College of Engineering -


Best Electrical Power Delivery System

Criteria:  City design with the most creative power generation and layout to meet the needs of its citizens and industry.
Sponsor:  Bonneville Power Administration - http: //


Most Holistic City

Criteria:  Given to the City that best incorporates sustainability and an integrated approach to managing resources and infrastructure systems.
Sponsor:  CH2M Hill -


Best Access to Public Spaces

Criteria:  City that provides the most options for easily getting to public spaces – by bike, foot, car, bus, and more!
Sponsor:  Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho -


Best Soil Conservation Practics

Criteria:  City design that best manages the important resource of soil through conservation practices.
Sponsor:  Geo Engineers -


Best Management of Water Resources

Criteria:  A well-designed city must provide safe drinking water and be responsiblevfor the treatment of their wastewater in order to sustain and improve the quality of life in their future city. This award will be given to the team that best addresses the water and wastewater needs of their future city, including the use of innovative methods to provide these essential services.
Sponsor:  HDR, Inc. -


Best Protection of the Public’s Safety and Welfare through Engineering Practices

Criteria:  City that encourages & enforces engineering practice standards & ethics.
Sponsor: Idaho Society of Professional Engineer (ISPE) - 


Surveyor’s Choice Award

Criteria:  Design that employs the best land surveying practices to include laying out of the streets, understanding elevation relief of their city, and fundamental properties of measuring.
Sponsor: Idaho Society of Professional Land Surveyors


Best Industrial/Commercial Layout

Criteria:  This award is given to the team that best integrates industrial and commercial aspects into the infrastructure of their city.
Sponsor: Idaho State University College of Science & Engineering (


Best Futuristic City

Criteria:  Use of futuristic engineering concepts into city's communications, energy, or transportation systems.
Sponsor:  Idaho STEM Action Center. -



Best Use of Renewable Energy

Criteria:  Innovative and efficient use of renewable resources in energy systems.
Sponsor:  Idaho STEM Action Center. -


Most Comprehensive Use of Smart Grid Technolog

Criteria:  City design that best includes aspects of production and distribution of electricity, integration of distributed and renewable energy sources, grid communications and control, and demand management.
Sponsor:  Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, Boise Section -


Most Multimodal Transportation Network

Criteria:  City transportation network that bests uses 2 or more transport modes to complete a trip including private & public transport with transfers.
Sponsor:  Institute of Transportation Engineers – Idaho Chapter -


Most Efficient & Creative Transit System

Criteria:  City incorporating unique infrastructure and practices to move groups of people with minimum wasted energy, effort, or expense.
Sponsor:  Kittleson & Associates, Inc.


Best Innovative Solution for Small Community

Criteria:  Most creative solution in future planning that would be useful for smaller communities in the areas of sustainable transportation, clean water, sustainable power sources & economic growth/job creation.
Sponsor: Local Highway Technical Assistance Council Employees -n


Materials Science Award

Criteria:  City with the most creative use of materials and materials science in the design of the city.
Sponsor: Micron, Inc. -


Best Land Surveying Practices Award

Criteria:  This award recognizes the design that employs the best land surveying practices, taking into consideration the high standards used by surveyors to help protect the public’s safety and welfare.
Sponsor: NCEES -National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying


Most Secure City 

Criteria:   Awarded to the design that best protects the public and infrastructure from natural & manmade disasters such as earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, and terrorist attack
Sponsor: STRATA, Inc. -


Best Consideration of Air Transportation Award

Criteria:  Design that best incorporates an airport into their city including consideration of compatible land use & access to other transportation.
Sponsor: T-O Engineers, Inc. -


Multidisciplinary Solutions Award

Criteria:  Most Creative integration of multiple disciplines (engineering, architecture, planning, environmental) to solve design challenges.
Sponsor:  University of Idaho, College of Engineering -


Most Accessible City

Criteria:  Design that accommodates the most innovative systems (e.g., transportation, public rights of way) for a community.
Sponsor: WHPacific -