Florida (Tampa Bay)

Regional Coordinator: Kara Van Etten

Inspire the Future: Become a Mentor!

Mentors make connections to real-life experiences, serve as a technical coach, and help students translate the academic to the real world of engineering.  Working with the team’s educator (a teacher, parent, or afterschool leader) the Future City mentor provides advice, guidance, and technical assistance as students develop their city. You may interact with your team in person, via email, or even via skype!

Ideally mentors volunteer an hour a week with their teams. Typically mentors dedicate at least 12-14 hours between September and January. In the early weeks, you’ll meet with the team to get to know the students and focus them on the big picture: good urban design, an overview of the essay topic, and brainstorming possible solutions. Later, you may help students establish a scale for their model and work with them to polish their presentation. Your students may compete in their regional competition and if they win, you’ll join them for the National Finals in February in Washington, DC! 

Anyone who works in the engineering community – including engineers, technical professionals, architects, and city planners – would be a great Future City mentor. We think you’ll enjoy it, too! Last year, 98% of mentors said they’d recommend Future City

Volunteert Today!  Contact Chris Ray, Tampa Bay Mentor Coordinator