Welcome to Louisiana/Mississippi Future City Competition 2020!

The mission of the Louisiana/Mississippi Future City Competition is to provide a platform for middle school students to prepare for their own futures and better understand the processes of research, engineering design, problem-solving, working as a team, testing and retesting, while using knowledge and skills that mirror the STEM workplace. (Note that the registration fee is waived for those in the Louisiana/Mississippi competition!)

Future City starts with a question—how can we make the world a better place? To answer it, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students imagine, research, design, and build cities of the future that showcase their solution to a citywide sustainability issue. Past topics include stormwater management, urban agriculture, public spaces, and green energy. the 2018-2019 Teams designed a resilient power grid for their future city that can withstand and quickly recover from the impacts of a natural disaster.The 2019-2020 Theme will be released soon!

Participants complete five deliverables: a virtual city design (using SimCity); a 1,500-word city essay; a scale model built from recycled materials; a project plan, and a presentation to judges at Regional Competitions in January. Regional winners represent their region at the Finals in Washington, DC in February. After completing Future City, student participants are not only prepared to be citizens of today’s complex and technical world, but they are also poised to become the drivers of innovation for tomorrow.

Join us in preparing Louisiana/Mississippi middle school students for an INCREDIBLE LEARNING EXPERIENCE! You have the flexibility to develop your own timeline for each of the competition components that best suits you and your students. As long as you have uploaded your Virtual City Design, City Essay, and Project Plan by the deadlines, you will be on track and ready for the competition!  We are looking forward to having you with us in January 2020 at the Design Building on the Louisiana State University campus, Baton Rouge!  

Have questions?  Contact Brenda Nixon, 225-205-2680, bnixon@lsu.edu

September 30, 2012

The winner of the 2017-2018 regional competition for Louisiana is Scotlandville City, from Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Academy in Baton Rouge. They and their teacher, Ingrid Cruz, represented Louisiana well at the National Future City Competition in Washington, D.C.  

Team Name:  Vieux Carre'

Teacher: Ingrid Cruz

Mentor:   College of Design Students, Louisiana State University