Regional Coordinator: Karen Pavletich

12/29/19 Future City Update - Happy Holidays

12/29/19 Future City Update - Happy Holidays

A new decade ahead for Future City – hoping that it brings positive changes for the virtual city.  Did our students pay more attention to the hydraulic events of Dec. 20th noticing where all that storm water went?  Fitting that it was the due date for the City Essay.  Thank you for getting your students this far!  Our competition day logistics document is being reviewed and should be available for you to share with parents by the end of the week. I have attached a food and hotel map. 

Team Counts

After our Dec. 20th deliverable we have submittals from 10 schools and 32 teams who are  competing with up to 5 teams per school.  There are 3 more schools with teams in CMS that we are expecting the Virtual City and City Essay submittals -  Federal Way Public Schools, Hudtloff Middle School and Summit Trails Middle Scholl.   There are still a few schools we have not heard from  – Coweeman, Jefferson, Olympic View, Toledo and Tyee Middle Schools.   Please let me know if you have active teams.   We are still tracking to pack our venue, so our 5th teams need to stand by to see if we can accommodate them.  With that said, we will be unable to host exhibition teams this year.  For our Alaska Teams from Watershed Charter School, while they are unable to attend,  we will be judging their deliverables.

Competition Deliverables

Keep me advised of your teams status.  Let me know if you have any questions about submitting the deliverables.  Remind teams that a late submission doesn’t mean they are out of the hunt for the top five teams.  Doing well with the rest of the deliverables can overcome these minor deductions.

·         5 pt. deduction for submittals before, Jan. 2, 2020

·         10 pt. deduction for submittals turned in between Jan. 3rd and Jan. 8th.   

Weds, January 8, 2020

(in our hands by the end of business day, absolute last day to submit - no late submittals will be accepted)

Any late City Description (1500 words) and Virtual City

Friday, January 10, 2020

  • Project Plan (per handbook due 1 week before competition)
  • Final Team Registration – on line through CMS
  • Honors Statement
  • Media Waiver Form – with this being an on-line parent submitted form this year, we may need to push out this deadline.
  • Home School Affidavit - if needed

Saturday, January 18, 2020

  • Regional Competition Day
  • Physical City Model
  • Competition Expense Form - this should be submitted in CMS, but bring a paper copy to show judges
  • Oral Presentation

Saturday, February 17-23,

2020 National Future City Competition

Project Plan Deliverables

I am just making sure that your teams are finding the Project Plan Examples on the Future City Website: https://futurecity.org/showcase/project-plan-examples.  Be sure to check out the other information available in the resource section of the website.

Competition Day Schedule


7:30 - Registration will open.

8:00 - Welcome and announcements.

8:30 - 11:40 Preliminary Judging where all teams will be stationed in one large room.  Each team will have an opportunity to make their presentation twice during the morning preliminary competition.  Please look in your registration envelope to find your teams presentation times  

There will be up to 5 teams presenting in the single large room at one time, to their own group of judges.  Once the presentation starts, observers are asked not to talk.  Doors will also be shut during presentation time. If you need to relax, practice your presentation or visit with the other teams feel free to use the Café or lounge area.  There will be one time keeper for the entire room.   

11:40 - 12:30  Lunch will be on your own.  You are requested to pack a lunch or – if you have transportation options – there are quick restaurants /fast-food options nearby.

Important Note: We need to reset our competition room at lunch time.   Models and team tables may need to be moved to the perimeter of the room, and then chairs will be set up in an auditorium-style for the final presentations. You are welcome to stay and help move your model.  

12:30  We will return to the morning presentation room to announce the five finalists.  At this time we will also be announcing the winners of the Special Awards and Student Choice Awards.   

1:00-1:30  The Final Model Judging will take place. We will also take this time to recognize individual team members.  Regional Awards will be announced before the final presentations begin. 

1:30-2:45  Final Presentation Judging will take place. 

2:45-3:30 Final Scoring/Short Program. Raffle drawing. 

3:30  Final Awards Presentation


  • Reminder of rule # 45:    Visual aids, such as flip charts, foam boards, poster boards, etc. must adhere to these parameters: the display(s) must be standard size (24” x 36” for poster boards, 25” x 30” for flip charts, 36” x 48” for tri-fold boards); up to two poster boards or flip charts may be displayed concurrently, or one tri-fold at one time.
  • This is a good time to review all the rules and scoring deductions see pages 85-87 of the handbook. 
  • Expense forms need to be uploaded by competition day Jan. 18th and a paper copy also needs to be displayed with your model to show the judges
  • Please remind parents to reserve the day for the regional competition.  We want everyone to share in the excitement of the afternoon speakers and final presentations.  If your team qualifies for the afternoon finals your students will need to be available. 
  • For the morning presentations we ask that parents take a step or two back and give our teams and judges some physical space.  Let the teams present without any coaching and allow the judges the privacy they need to take notes and ask questions.





Special and Regional Awards

NCEES Regional Special Award

Best Land Surveying Practices – NCEES has provided their one pager “about surveying” to help prepare students for this special award judging from last year.  See you email for the attachment. 

Regional Awards – 

Best Overall Score for First Year School (score based)

Best Use of Scale (based on presentation & model) – The team that best utilizes the space allowable to build their city.

Most Innovative Moving Part - The most energy efficient (uses the least energy for the task it does), structurally efficient (highest strength to weight ratio, best use of materials), and functionally efficient (simplest for the task it does).

Best Community Services (based on presentation & model) - The city that has the best ways to give back to those in need and/or their environment and/or the city that has the most fun recreational activities for their citizens.

Most Spirited (based on presentation & model) – The team that had the best team spirit based on how well their presentation and model showed team collaboration, respect, and spirit.