Regional Coordinator: Karen Pavletich

2019/2020 Washington Future City Competition Update





With an exciting new theme (hint it might be a little watery) and more resources than ever to help you succeed, it's gearing up to be the biggest and best year of Future City yet.

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Future City Gives Kids the Chance to...


Research real-world problems

Design innovative solutions


Engage in student-led learning

Strengthen their teamwork skills

Reminder – It’s great to come to regionals, but teams can also just complete a few deliverables and do Future City indecently on their own time-line.  By registering all the resources are available to you.


Here are the latest updates from Future City HQ and the Washington Region


SimCity Codes

  • SimCity codes will again be distributed via CMS.
  • After July 15th, automatic delivery upon completion of your Program Details Survey in CMS.  Your codes will appear in the educator page and remain there for the rest of the season.
  • You can request 1 or 2 codes.
  • Reminder that you can reuse SimCity codes from last year.  You will need the code, the password and the email/username that was originally used for the Origin account.
  • For this year, SimCity will remain the central component of the Virtual City deliverable. However, this will be the last year it will be required. There are  a few promising leads for the future that Future City HQ is  working on now. Future City HQ won’t be publicly announcing this update about next season’s change until the Fall, but  we are able to share this information with you now.


Rules Update

  • A recurring question/issue has been the number of words used in the essay, when they are not automatically counted with the work-count function.  To fix this, rule 25 will now read:

The City Essay maximum word count is 1,500 words.  Initial tabulation is done by the “word count” tool within the word processing software.  The final word count does not include the title and reference list, but does include captions of graphics and illustrations.  Words that appear within a graphic/illustration/table will be included in the word count.  A maximum of four graphics/illustrations are allowed.  A 10-point penalty will apply if word count exceeds 1,500.


  • Future City always wants to foster and environment of ingenuity and creativity, so this year there is an exciting adjustment to the rules on the model design.  Previously, all pullouts and hinged extensions were required to fit within the original size parameters of the model.  This year, that will no longer be a requirement.  The updated rule 30 will now read:

The city model in its basic state must fit to be no larger than 25” (W) X 50” (L) X 20” (H).  During the presentation, it is permissible to have extended parts, such as access doors, compartments, and hinged pullouts, as long as they are fully self-supported by the model, or- if removable – held by a presenter.  Failure to comply with the city model dimensions will result in 15-point penalty.


  • There will be some new language that strengthen/clarifies the authority of the Regional Coordinator.  This doesn’t involve substantive changes, but explicitly describes expectation of proper behavior by a team and their supporters.


  • New this year will be a PDF of the Rules page – making is easier to be shared with your teams.


Project Board form Engineering.com

  • This was also discussed last year to help teams share ideas and develop projects.



Draft 2019-2020 Washington Future City Timeline

By October 31, 2019

Future City Registration should be completed –  BUT SOONER IS BETTER

Friday, December 20, 2020

City Essay (1500 words)

Virtual City

Note – City Essay and Virtual City submittals are due before Winter Break to help our teams and judges manage their time.

    • 5 pt deduction for submittals on or before Jan. 2, 2020
    • 10 pt deduction for submittals turned in between Jan. 3th and Jan. 8th.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

To be fully qualified for the regional competition Virtual City and City Essay must be in our hands by the end of business day, absolute last day to submit.

  • Any late City Essay (1500 words) and Virtual City – 10 pt deductions will be applied

Friday, January 10, 2020

  • Project Plan (per handbook due 1 week before competition)
  • Final Team Registration – on line through CMS
  • Honors Statement – on line through CMS
  • Media Waiver Form  – on line through CMS
  • Home School Affidavit  (if needed)– on line through CMS

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Regional Competition Day – Shoreline Community College

  • Physical City Model
  • Competition Expense Form   - this should be submitted in CMS, but bring a paper copy to show judges
  • Oral Presentation

February 15-19, 2020  National Future City Competition

Our first place winner moves on to Nationals!


Karen Pavletich

Washington State Regional Coordinator

Future City Competition