New England

Regional Coordinator: Reed Brockman, P.E.


How does this competition happen every year?  Although I may be the most visible person in some years, and we have had many other great leaders like Lisa Freed, Michelle (Jose) Cheung, Olivia Richards and Alyson Stuer, there has been one person that always, year after year, has silently done much of the difficult work to make the contest happen: Alicia DiCecca.  I know she doesn't like taking center stage, so she may not even be happy about me writing this, but Alicia really deserves an incredible amount of the credit for making the contest happen.  She takes care of the whole database, sets up all the special awards, oversees all of the scoring of the online components and also oversees all the scoring and winner selection on competition day.  She never complains and nobody has ever even needed to check in to see where everything stands. She is truly incredible.  On top of this, she is an outstanding Civil Engineer at Stantec who just this past weekend took her Professional Engineering licensure exam.  She will be the recipient of the Citizen Award at the 171st Annual BSCES Awards Celebration, which will be online this evening.  It is free with unlimited registration, so all are welcome to join in and celebrate with her!  To register, go to