Delta City Wins 2016 New Mexico Future City Competition!

Delta City is the winner of 2016 New Mexico Regional Competition.  The winning team, along with other two teams from Annunciation School, won top three places at New Mexico Future City Competition held on January 16 at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.  The fourth and fifth places were awarded to Albuquerque Academy teams. A total of seventeen teams competed at the Museum.  Nineteen other Special Awards were awarded during this year's competition.


First Place   - Delta City (Annunciation School)

Second Place - 4 R Future (Annunciation School)

Third Place - Greenyville (Annunciation School)

Fourth Place - Calgary (Albuquerque Academy)

Fifth Place  - Illuminati (Albuquerque Academy)


Best Essay  - Delta City (Annunciation School) 

Best Physical Model - 4 R Future  (Annunciation School)

Best Presentation - 4 R Future (Annunciation School)

Best Land Surveying Practices – Calgary  (Albuquerque Academy)

Best Virtual City - Delta City (Annunciation School)

Communication Design - Aldobnaga  (Jimmy Carter Middle School)

Energy Efficiency  – SupaHotFiree (Jimmy Carter Middle School)

Financial Design Excellence – Flam   (Jimmy Carter Middle School)

Globalization – Liberum Letus  (Albuquerque Academy)

Innovation – Dailey Ville  (Turquoise Trail Charter School)

Most Sustainable Food Production – 4 R Future  (Annunciation School)

Natural Resource Conservation – MotherEarth  (Van Buren Middle School)

People’s Choice – 4 R Future   (Annunciation School)

Renewable Energy Design – Popeye Sparta  (Hoover Middle School)

Safety Design – McCurdy Bobcats   (McCurdy School)

Sustainability – WMS SciKids   (Washington Middle School)

Systems Thinking Approach – Future Hawks (Hoover Middle School)

Unique Architectural Model – Ecolandia   (Van Buren Middle School)

Water Resource Engineering – Sirens Cove  (Turquoise Trail Charter School)