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Regional Coordinator: Reed Brockman, P.E. & Alyson Stuer, P.E.

Egypt and the Human Factor of Waste Management

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Josh here again, and I found something else for you to think about!

If you watched through the video I attached last week, you may have kept watching to see this video of the Zabaleen in Cairo, Egypt. Originally, The government not only did not support the Zabaleen's collections, but tried to replace the system with one of their own. However, the Zabaleen were so important to the people of Cairo that no other system worked.

The Zabaleen show just how important it is for the population of your city to support the programs you create. Programs and institutions will fail without the help of the people of the city, but when institutions do have support then they become even more effective.

Consider how the waste manage of your city will affect its population, and in turn how your population can affect waste management.

I'll keep in touch with anything else I see!