New England

Regional Coordinator: Reed Brockman, P.E.


For all schools and organizations involved in Future City last year, YOU ARE INVITED on a field trip to Union Point in Weymouth on June 7th, courtesy of LSTAR, the people behind this new REAL FUTURE CITY!

Here are some of the activities we plan:

  1. LSTAR CEO Kyle Corkum and the LSTAR team will lead a tour of this amazing new community.  With him, civil engineer (and Future City mentor) Kayla Arruda will add to the tour providing insight into civil engineering design issues that she has been addressing.
  2. The theme for the 2018 contest will be announced by Reed Brockman and his new co-coordinator Alyson Stuer.  They will also air the presentation from the 2018 National Winner.
  3. Experts on this 2019 topic (which is an AWESOME topic) will give short presentations to give students some deeper knowledge of the subject.
  4. Sara Ting, founder of World Unity Inc., will present The Sun Poem and talk about the proposed sculpture coming to the site.
  5. There will be all sorts of hands-on activities and design challenges.  LSTAR is trying to arrange for an autonomous vehicle for the day.

Here are the basics:

  • Thursday June 7, 10 AM – 1:30 PM
  • Schools are invited to arrive at 10 AM and we will begin the tour at 11, allowing schools to participate in hands-on activities from the time they arrive.  After the tour, there will be lunch and presentations, followed by an activity TBA.  Buses can pick students up at 1:30.
  • LSTAR is providing everyone lunch.   Please contact Jill Bjorkman with any food restrictions or special requests.
  • LSTAR will pay all travel expenses – please arrange for transportation and send the invoice for reimbursement to Jill Bjorkman of LSTAR, or contact her for whatever arrangements need to be made.
  • LSTAR has reserved both the recreational field and the airplane hangar, so everyone will stay dry and we can do everything we want rain or shine!

The number of students we can take are limited, so we ask that groups are at most 30 (unless space is later still available).  Let me know ASAP if you are planning to attend and how many students you will bring.  Please include chaperones in count.  RSVP by 5/25/18!


Alyson and Reed