Illinois (Chicago)

Regional Coordinator: Don Wittmer, P.E.

Go 2021 Future City School Teams!

Wishing the student teams the very best tomorrow as they compete in the regional Future City Competition - State of Illinois. This year's theme 'Living on the Moon.' The winning team moves on to the National Competition in Washington, DC next month.

Check out the video here.

FCC- Illinois

School Team
o Alexander Graham Bell School Notre Luna & Selene City
o Lincoln Hall Middle School Luna City
o Montini Catholic School Luna York
o Queen of All Saints School Artemis
o St Athanasius School Atlas 11
o Wood Dale Jr. High Novis

Future City is a project-based engineering education program that challenges middle-school students to imagine, design, and build cities of the future.

Teams learn about the wonders of engineering, use the engineering design process to address civic and social issues, and become change-makers in their own communities.

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