Illinois (Chicago)

Regional Coordinator: Don Wittmer, P.E.

From Mindset To Management: Transforming From The Inside-Out

Conversation And Community To Help Women Persevere And Thrive In Engineering + Tech Careers

November 10, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 CT 

In this episode of the Persist Series, we’ll dive into how both employees and organizations can make necessary changes to reflect their core values in lasting, sustainable ways.

What mindset or practices can be helpful for working toward your personal growth, and ability to persevere through challenges? How can centering empathy and inclusion create benefits for companies and employees? What allows for institutions to meet needs at a person-to-person level?

We’ll take a look at these questions and more to think about how we can work from the inside out to make lasting personal and organizational change.

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