New York - Capital Region

Regional Coordinator: Addyson Lyons

New Lebanon featured in MUSE Magazine

The Capital District's New Lebanon team was featured in a recent article in MUSE Magazine (Cricket Media). The article features New Lebanon's 2015-2016 city, Marhielo. "Originally we wanted to set our city in the Pacific Ocean, but we did some research and picked Antarctica. I was rooting for Antarctica because there's a lot of space and it's basically uninhabited. We wanted to do someplace where we could deal with climate change. With the advent of global warming, we are one of the last places in the world with snow, so people flock to our city for recreational activities," said 8th grader Lydia Loverin.

The article details the team's exciting regional competition win, and their subsequent trip to Washington DC where they placed fourth nation-wide and also won the award for "Most Ethical City." 

"This is STEM education at its finest," said teacher Mary Beth Liles. "It's a chance for kids to actually see how the math and science that they learn in the classroom relates directly to their life." 

You can view the pages of the article on the Future City-Albany Facebook Page