Regional Coordinator: Alauddin A. Alauddin P.E.

Ohio Team Update: October 2017

Hello FCC Ohio Teams!

We hope you're finding some time to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall colors and wonderful festivals Ohio has to offer during this time of year. Our state's diverse communities and natural features are truly on display this time of year.

We also hope you've started to make some notable progress on your future cities. Below are a handful of reminders for this month:

  • Registration Fee: Please remember that the $25 registration fee is due by November 30th. You may pay it online through the CMS or request an invoice from ohio@futurecity.org to pay via check.
  • Survey: If you haven't already done so, please complete the FCC survey (via the CMS) as soon as possible. Once completed, your SimCity codes will become available.
  • SimCity Codes: Please remember that each SimCity code can be used up to 5 computers. There are a very limited number available this year so if you can stay with that  limit, we'd appreciate it. If you do end up needing an additional code, just let us know via email and we can do our best to secure one for you.
  • Mentors: Having a mentor is a very valuable part of the program. If you have not identified that individual please do so as soon as possible. If you need help connecting with a local engineer or planner, we can assist. Just let us know. If you do have a mentor, please have them register at www.futurecity.org/register as soon as possible.
  • Progress Updates: We would love to know how your teams are doing throughout the fall as they work on their city. If you're so inclined, please send along pictures and updates to us at ohio@futurecity.org or post them to our Facebook page.
  • Local Sponsors: We still have slots available for sponsorships this year. If you have a local business or organization who you think would be interested in sponsoring (starting at just $250!), please let us know.

As always, the can find the 2017-2018 calendar here. Please be planning accordingly. And if you have any questions, reach out - we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for being with us this year! 


Christopher, Debbie & Kris

Christopher Germain, AICP - Regional Coordinator

Debbie Pellington - Co-Coordinator for Team Recruitment & Support

Kris Konik - Co-Coordinator for Team Recruitment & Support